Who is Eric Easton?

Will Eric Easton forget Au Bon Pain’s resolution this year?

Eric Easton is the Chief Financial Officer at Ampex Brands, the company that owns Au Bon Pain. A graduate of Indiana University, he held leadership positions at Ignite Restaurant Group and Joe’s Crab Shack.

Au Bon Pain has one year left to fulfill its global cage-free egg commitment. As a leader of Ampex Brands, Easton has the power and ethical responsibility to end the countless abuses inflicted on animals. So why won’t he do it?

In 2013, Au Bon Pain pledged to go 100% cage-free in the US by 2017. Its self-imposed deadline passed, and there was no public indication this promise was honored. Au Bon Pain then pledged to go 100% cage-free globally.

Today, Au Bon Pain has no evidence of any global cage-free progress on its website. Meanwhile, major competitors like Starbucks, Panera, and many more are reporting global progress or fulfillment on their 100% cage-free egg policies.

Caged egg-laying hens spend their lives crammed together in barren wire cages. They cannot dust-bathe or express most of their other natural behaviors. Often, they suffer from broken bones and mental anguish. Each hen is unable to even spread her own wings, and has only as much space as the size of a sheet of paper within which to live her entire, miserable life.

Chickens are social, intelligent animals who should not be forced to live in conditions so inhospitable that many countries and states have made them illegal. Companies like Au Bon Pain should not go back on their commitments, especially when they affect the lives of so many animals.

Will Eric Easton choose to do the right thing and encourage his fellow leadership members to commit to ending this blatant animal cruelty, or will he continue to ignore the global public promise Au Bon Pain made?

Click “Take Action” below to tell Eric Easton that consumers demand more and animals deserve better; now is the time to demonstrate true leadership by showing the world that Au Bon Pain sticks to its word.

This site is neither endorsed by, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Au Bon Pain or Ampex Brands.

This site is neither endorsed by, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Ampex Brands.